Nissan to Use EVs for Power Grid Storage

December 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As far as energy policies are concerned, grid storage is a major problem.

In cases where there is continuous power production, this becomes a problem in particular, because all this energy should go somewhere.

Moving on from using archaic methods to store power, there is something new that can be expected to do the power storage function.

The new development comes to us in the midst of a large number of electric vehicles hitting the market. While batteries tend to be both inefficient and expensive, many cars in the US are electric. Nissan is looking into the practicality of a possibility like that.


With the continued expansion of electric into the vehicle space, we will still have a sizable amount of grid available for charging cars.

If we can come up with a smart system that makes sure that the car is always on full charge during mornings, a grid could store the excess energy for us to use when we need it, especially during peak times.

Thus if we can generate about 90% of energy that we need during peak time, we can gather the rest from batteries once the peak usage is done.

In an effort to come up with a prototype, Nissan combined six electric cars to a system which controls charging times.

It was found that during summer times, the building used an average of 25.6 KW less power, which means that it is about 2.5% of peak use, and also comes up to $5000 savings per year.


Though it isn’t a fortune, the efficiency is certainly laudable.  Nissan Advanced Technology Center in Atsugi City has been using the system since July and continues to do so till date.

Hence, the idea is to store energy when it’s cheap and clean, and to discharge the batteries to minimize the use of more expensive and archaic options.

This gives electric vehicles a whole new avenue to bring down their carbon emissions and to increase consumption of electricity. The program is expected to make headlines in Japan the coming year.

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