Series E7 Bullet Trains Get Ready in Japan; Watch Out for Spring Roll Out Date

December 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

While California is still up fighting for high speed railways, Japan is all set to get an extra addition of bullet train network, on its 50th anniversary.

Japanese operator JR East has already begun intensive testing of its new classy Series E7 bullet train, which is expected to start from capital city Tokyo. The first service is scheduled to get underway by Spring.

Then in 2015, it will travel all the way to Nagano and the Sea of Japan.  JR East is also said to be planning on extending the route to Osaka, post 2025. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

As part of the testing procedure,  JR East, being a regional operator, puts the train set on pace during weekends while running from Nagano to Karuizawa, which is a mountain resort situated in the northwest of Tokyo on Nagano Shinkasen Line.

bulet train1

Though the top speed stands at only 160 mph, it is the still the fastest in the bullet train category and to top it all, it comes with awesome, classy looks too.

The train is being made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in collaboration with Ken Okuyama. On this note, it would be good to mention that Okuyama is an industrial designer who showed off and received laurels for the retro, yet futuristic Kode 9 sports car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Incidentally, the E7’s aesthetics  are also said to be inspired from traditional Japanese motifs.

bulet train2

Earlier this year, Japan showcased its crimson-colored rocket train, christened Series E6. But the E7, is now made with restrained ivory that has a blue top and nose. Added bronze finish makes it even more charming.

Reports suggest that the color schemes represent regional crafts like Kutani porcelain that have evolved from the Japan coast. This series will also be the first planned Hokuriku Shinkasen Line that will later connect with the country’s mountainous hinterland of Osaka.

bulet train3

Also, another Osaka-based operator JR West, has commissioned new W7 bullet trains similar to the E7. Okyuma has stated that its interiors also have elements which will reflect various cultures and seasons.

But as of now, the Series E7  is one innovation everyone is keen on looking forward to. Aren’t you one among them?

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