Zackees Cycling Gloves Would Help You Ride Smooth at Night

December 19, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Former Google employee, Zach Vorhies has come up with something that will help cyclists who are out at night.

Most of the cycles now have just the head and tail lights which are of course helpful. But seldom do they tell the other motorists/ car drivers about which way the cyclist is planning on going.

And hence, Zach reinvented the good old tradition of hand signals in a much more visible and interesting manner.  This is how he did that.

Zach, under the “Zackees” banner, made illuminated signal gloves. In the Zackees cycling glove, each one will have LEDs fixed on the back, which will give out a directional arrow.


The LEDs are powered by batteries and they get activated by touching a pair of metal contacts. So when the cyclist extends his/her arm, the lights will be on as long as the metal contacts are in contact with each other.

Initially, when the product was developed, the arrows pointed only to a side, though. But then, Zach has now altered them to be more angled towards your little finger.


The electronics inside are wrapped in waterproof polymer, thus making it possible for the gloves to be washed.

The gloves also have the provision of switching off the LEDs automatically, in case the metal contacts touch during washing or storage. If the batteries need to be replaced, the light will blink faster and also get dimmer. This is likely to happen every three to six months, depending on the usage.

Zackees also says that in case the cyclists are concerned about being seen by approaching cars, leaving their hands on the bars will make the arrows point forward. But they add that this may be an unnecessary pain for the riders.


Zach, along with his business partner Murat Ozkan, is hoping to raise production funding for the new set of gloves through Kickstarter.

You stand the chance to get a pair of Zackees gloves at US $69 as soon as the funding is met. Are you supporting this innovative technology? Tell us more about your views in the box below.

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