Smart-toys to Keep You and Your Kids Connected

December 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Heard of Gauri Nanda? Yes, the brain behind the Clocky alarm clock that loves to be on motion. Nanda is now all set to give you a technology to send messages through smart toys to your kids.

Wi-Fi Mailmen will receive audio messages that are sent through an app and play them out loud to kids. The kids can also reply and also carry a two-way conversation through this.

The toy helps to be connected with your kids anytime. The aim is to create something for kids who are too young to use phones, say kids from the age group of three to six.


According to folks at Gizmag, Nanda says that that right now there is no way to interact with kids who are too young. And so, an experiment with her new invention helps the kids successfully send messages for the first time on their own.

Nanda came about the concept along with her friend Audry Hill, who is also a mother of three children. The duo was thinking of ways to communicate with Hill’s children when they aren’t around.

With Mailmen, the Toymail updates itself for messages for every ten minutes. The message is played aloud and one at a time to avoid the child from getting confused. It also prompts the child to reply back.

toymail (1)

The app is completely free, but every Toymail that is sent or received will cost you one virtual stamp. A collection of about 50 virtual stamps can be brought for $0.99. Also, the Mailmen will only deliver messages between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening. We have a feeling that this could be an obvious drawback for parents who work night shifts.

Nanda’s invention’s best feature is that Toymail would work without a screen. That the children should be away from screens was an obvious decision, Nanda says, but the design for a screen free device was a hard challenge.


This is just a start, and Gauri Nanda hopes that she will be able to make more such smart-toys that will be of use to the kids. Mailmen Toys are available at US$59 each. Grab one and chat away with your own kid!

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