Smaller is Better; Online Shopping Record Reveals Brits Prefer Smaller Tablets

December 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Brits don’t go by the bigger is better philosophy. Or, so says an online research.

Findings of the research, published by analytics company Conlumino, in tandem with eBay, have brought to the fore the fact that not only do the British buy smaller tablets, they, very often, use them to shop online more often.

The report also seems to suggest that these more convenient pieces of technology helps the Brits in shopping on the go.


The “smaller tablet” specifically rose in demand among the customers over the last three months. The report came after Conlumino studied the questions answered by 1,205 tablet owners in the UK this month.

Most of the people who were part of the study suggest that they went for a smaller tablet because it is easy to carry around as well as wanted to use it on the go. Almost 43 percent said that they were just looking for something that will fit inside a handbag.

Conlumino also says  that these tablets seem to be fuelling the trend to shop through mobile. Almost 80 percent of British users say that they use their devices to shop, while 60 per cent says that they would do more Christmas shopping, thanks to the new tablet!

Meanwhile, eBay also says that the customers are more likely to spend twice on their device than those who shop on a computer.

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