Skype Updates for Android Tablets

December 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now you can Skype all you want on your Android smartphone and use other applications as well.  The new update means that a small window will pop up the moment a user moves away from the Skype app to something else while on a call.

The updated version also comes with a number of additional features. Skype also says that they have addressed the compatibility issues that its older version faced.

The older version of Skype 4.5 for Android phones still pops up to ask permission to draw on top of other apps when using a phone. This issue is yet to be addressed.


It also has a new introduction for users to move away from one letter to another in the contact list. With this one can simply zoom out and in to view the alphabet and then tap in order to move to that portion.
Other than this, Skype 4.5 gives an improved Video Instant Messaging functionality, along with fixing operational issues on the latest Samsung phones.

Skype also fixed its compatibility issues for Hudi tablet, addressed crashing issues on Nexus 5, and also made the drop-down filter selections on the People tab more prominent.

The good news  is that the new updates are available for free download at Google Play Store.

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