Keep your Android Tablet Perfect with these Tips

December 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you just get hold of your new Android tablet ? Are you done with your installation and activation processes?

Well, in that case we3 have for you a list of things you could do to take care of your new memento! Going by what folks at CNet say, the steps are not compulsory, but they will help you in keeping your tablet’s performance enhanced . 

The first and foremost need you nurse when you buy a new device would be to have an extended battery life, right? Though there are number of factors about battery life that are beyond your reach, like the size and optimization etc, you can prevent battery drain by controlling the brightness of the screen. This will decide, for the major part, on how long your battery lasts.

Google Nexus

Keeping your screen brightness at 50 percent or less is enough for you to look at the screen. Also turning the brightness to zero during bedtime is just perfect, as you will still be able to see the screen very clearly with this.

The next step would be to get rid of all unused services, like, Wi-Fi, if you don’t use that frequently, Bluetooth, NFC, location access and the like.

Android  lets you easily access files. ES File Explorer is a great app for this. It gives you direct access to every file, folder or pictures stored in the internal memory of the tablet, and also to those stored in SD cards.


Tablets are sure made to stream videos, and now you can watch your entire favorite collection of movies, TV shows and what not just by streaming. This means that they do not take up space from your storage capacity. All you need is a good internet connection.

So for streaming apps, two highly recommended choices are Netflix and Hulu. But there are individual channel specific apps too. They need to be added in order to access Amazon’s vast video library the users must have a Kindle Fire or an iPad.

One of the prime reasons why Android OS is highly user friendly are the widgets. HD widgets can also be used to add a digital clock and weather tracker. A shortcut bar for the easy access to Wi-Fi, brightness and battery life would do wonders on your behalf.

The most prominent problem with an open OS like Android is that you are open to malware threats. To deal with this, a good anti-virus software like VG AntiVirus would help. It comes with a manual scanner and also uses real time protection to protect your tablet from websites it deems as suspicious. This also has an added feature to protect your phone from theft. This will locate your phone on Google maps if it’s ever lost or stolen.


The app also comes in handy if you have to lock the tablet or wipe out the personal data. Also the task killer, which helps you to shut down any process that is running in the background is a must have!

Gaming on a tablet is a far better experience than on smart phones. So if you are a serious gamer you need to have an app that will run on your tablet as well as enhance the graphical prowess of your device. 3DMark is one killer option.

3D Mark delivers perfect results in every frame and also algorithmically generate overall scores. It is good to run the 3DMark Unlimited test, as it runs according to your tablet’s resolution.

Are you trying these tips?

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