VanD iPhone Cases Flash Like a Christmas Tree

December 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cellphone cases were first conceived in a bid to offer protection for your expensive mobile device.

But then, later on, case manufacturing also turned out to be big business, with makers competing big time to offer unique covers that would help you mobile phones cosy up when not in use.

Apple’s iPhones have been one good target for these cases and whenever news of a new model from Cupertino was in the offing, case makers too jumped into the fray with the offer something unique.


Innovations kept on flowing in,  and we got to play with many that amazed. The innovations continued over the years, and if you would remember, some time ago last year we had even seen an iPhone case that had a pouch that allowed you to keep a condom handy.

That one, made by Australian company Annex Products, in fact shocked conservative users when they found that it came with a condom slot.

Yet another one that made us scream for it was the case that came from the De Bethune stables. This one called DBM, was in fact a pocket watch iPhone case that sported a beautiful pocket watch on the rear.

Made of chestnut brown full-grain alligator leather, it had a  beautiful pocket watch on the back with flame-blued steel hands.

Now that it is the festival season, manufacturers know people would some kind of a Christmas tree effect on their iPhone cases. You can now light things up a bit with this VanD case that offers protection along with some flashy stuff.


The new VanD flashing case goes on lighting up your iPhone whenever a call comes. The functionality owes itself to an iOS setting  called LED flash for alerts, and that makes the case light up to display an embedded pattern every you time you get a call or an alert for a text message or email.

It works in such a way that the LED flash gets redistributed throughout the entire casing and that would let the iPhone as a whole illuminate itself on alerts.

The most amazing fact about the whole action is that it doesn’t eat up extra power and flashes with support from the LED.

If you are interested in having one for yourself or gift a few for the Christmas season, you just need to head here and pick your model.  The cases are available at $19.99 per piece. The cases are available in a variety of styles and can fit in the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 5C.

What are you waiting for?

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