Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumoured to Come Out Early 2014

December 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all knew Samsung Galaxy S5 would be out next year. But, so soon?

Yes, there are unconfirmed reports that S5 might be among the five smartphones that Samsung is set to release early 2014.

There is interesting news on the other four too. But since S5, is one of Samsung’s widely awaited phone, let’s start with that.

We have reasons to believe this piece of information, as there have been some fair rumors and leaks in the past couple of weeks about the design and display technology of the coming S5.


From the leaks, we could gather that the product seemed to be ready to hit the market. And hence, despite the information over load, we are waiting for a sneak peak at the product.

Among the other four phones set to release, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might be one. A low cost version of this giant smartphone is expected to appear at the Mobile World Congress that is to be held in February.

Recently, there has been some buzz around Galaxy Note 3 Lite, with reports saying  that the new one will come with a step-down display and camera specifications.

Another device that is expected is  Samsung Galaxy Lite, and will look similar to both Galaxy Grand and Grand 2. This is thought to be a mid-level phone.

Having said all this, do remember that every device announced by Samsung do not get global attention, like some in the Galaxy Grand family, which targets specific markets and carriers.

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