Android Maker Moves On to Humanoid Robots

December 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The world of smartphone technology used to be shallow, until Apple arrived on to the scene and made itself the only big daddy of the scene.

Android was the game changer, the Operating System  that came about as more accessible and user friendly. If it was not for Andy Rubin and his small group of friends at Danger, we would not be the smartphone addicts that we are now.

So when Rubin announced that he is moving out of the Android Project division of Google to a new, ambitious one, we knew that it would be something real exciting. How exciting?


Well, Rubin, who can be rightly called as the father of Android, seem to have other interests than the high just Operating Systems. And these interests include humanoid robots.

Yes, Rubin this time is working on life sized, humanoid robots. It is not hard for us to comprehend this new ambition, after all, we have read so many stories, watched so many movies on these. Thanks to our science fiction club! The world has been waiting all this while to see it happening for real, before their own eyes.

Google reportedly acquired seven companies without much fuzz, and is working on the mechanical evolution of the humanoid robots concept. All of the seven companies that were acquired focus on the various aspects of robotics.

Schaft, which is based in Tokyo for instance, work on humanoid robotics, Industrial Perception from San Francisco works with computer vision systems, Meka and Redwood Robotics are robotic arm manufacturers, Bot & Dolly manufactures camera systems and finally, Holomni and Autofuss do designs for the same.


Rubin adds that there will be other companies that will be acquired in the future. It is quite clear that Google aims to combine the resources of all these companies together to create a perfectly functioning robot which can carry out basic tasks.

Google right now is not looking to give you a domestic robot, but that might happen in the future. As of now, the immediate target is to create a robot that will come of use in the manufacturing industry.

In any case, the news  is damn exciting, but we do not know how much Google is set to spend on its new project. All we know for sure is that Rubin’s plans were good enough to convince the Google founder’s that the time is right, and that this would work.

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