YotaPhone from Russia to Come with Double Sided Display

December 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Phones come in different sizes, shapes and form factors these days. We have already played with a variety of them. The scenario has turned extremely competitive that manufacturers seem to be vying with each other to bring in the shocker effect while designing their ware.

Touchscreen rigs were mesmerizing when they first arrived. And we, the consumers, learnt to love the screens where we could tap to do just about anything from dialing numbers to watching videos and posting stuff on social media.

The effect of the market that has turned out to be demanding and feature-hungry has grown on phone makers like never before and they are prompted to make amazing stuff they would be picked up like hot cakes.


Even the nations who have long been consumers of such electronic devices are making their foray into the smartphone arena. We get to know that the latest entrant into the smart phone device market comes from oil rich Russia, a nation that have long been content with using phones from Apple  and Samsung.

Yota Devices , a modem maker, is the company that is eyeing the cellphone fortune. And when it does, the company knows it cannot be hitting the global market with devices similar to those that have already crowded the marketplace there.

So, what Yota is designing is a smartphone that will have a novel double-sided screen . The double sided display sporting Yota phone is being prepped to make its entry into the Europe and the Middle East markets, where there lies huge potential.

In fact, the Yota double sided phone will first come to Russia, Austria, France, Germany and Spain this year itself, and then head for 20 more countries next year.


Those of you in the US looking forward to picking one at your neighborhood stood, however, could be disappointed. For, Yota doesn’t have the United States phone market in its radar for now.

So wherever it arrives, customers will first look for the features, right? The YotaPhone is in fact assembled in China with Japan and Taiwan-made components. The device would come with a backlit LCD display on one side and an electronic paper display on the other side.  This side will act like ordinary ink on paper and always switched on.

The electronic paper screen will be capable of providing you access to social media, send text messages, run through maps, weather and breaking news. Significantly, it works akin to an e-book too.

Running Android OS, the device will be sold in Russian territory for 19,990 roubles ($600). In Europe and the UAE, the YotaPhone will coke for 499 euros ($680) and $600, respectively. According the company, Russion pre-orders have rose up to 10,000 as of now.

Aren’t you looking forward to this one?

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