Smart Meters to Make You Think and Use Water and Energy

December 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though big talks are held around the world regarding water conservation and curbing carbon footprint, these issues seldom find resonance inside a normal household.

And this could be why the tech savvy wise men of our times have ventured to invent smart meters. The aim is to show how our daily lethargic attitude will reflect on our wallets. And this one certainly makes us think.

Through these specially designed smart meters the user will know how much energy he/she has consumed at any point of time.


We get to know that the Amphiro series of smart water meters come with many added features that will make it simple for the user to get accurate data on both water consumption and the associated energy consumption that is caused due to water heating.

At Amphiro, the founders say that their products show how one can reduce the hot water consumption and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

With Amphiro A1, the company says that a household will save 440 kWh of energy and 8,500 liters of water.

Amphiro is designed to easily fit between the shower nozzle and hose. The meter shows the current water consumption, water temperature and energy consumption.

The meters can be easily fitted between the shower and the hose. But the drawback is that when the shower supply lines are behind the wall installing these meters may not be an option and hence, many might be dissuaded from buying these.


But Amphiro certainly has its own charm. To aid children with visualizing the effects of carbon footprint an animated polar bear is displayed on the meter, the bear slowly loses its icy ground and starts swimming once the shower runs for long.

For people who prefer more data, another model A1 Control, gives a detailed view of the actual metrics of your shower usage and also a comparison to your average consumption with regards to your ten previous showers.

Amphiro works on an internal “micro-mechatronic” generator system and generates energy from the water flow. This feature makes it more user friendly.  Another big weakness is the lack of connectibility as there is no WiFi or Bluetooth.

This means that the users should enter a code value from the meter into the Amphiro web portal to track average monthly consumption. Also, there is no way to capture and track data on the basis of daily use, or per-shower data.

This will disable the user from getting more precise water consumption data and related energy data for analysis or goal tracking, which could have helped in reinforcing or changing water use habits.

The Amphiro smart water meters are currently available at Indiegogo at $65 and an updated version will come in A1 models by April next year.

For those who want the device before Christmas, an extra $14 to the $65 would come in handy.

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