Oppo N1 Android Smartphone Takes Off from China to the Global Market; Arriving on December 10

December 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Oppo N1, the Android smartphone addition from Chinese terrain, is all set to hit the international market this December.

We hear, starting December 10, Oppo will be available in the United States and Europe for an amount equal to £372.

Oppo N1 flaunts features like 5.9 inch screen with full HD display, touch sensitive back and the killer of them all, a 13 megapixel camera that can be adjusted. Yes, that means you get to take selfies with a 13 megapixel cam on your own!

The phone is already available in the Chinese market. The news of the international release came out recently in an announcement via Google Plus. Oppo claims that its N1 camera is created from 67 different components making it the first of its kind to have a six piece lens.


The smartphone which is 9mm thick, also comes with a touch sensitive back, which will make it more user-friendly. This feature is called O-Touch, and folks at Pocket-Lint say the feature indeed has potential.

The camera, which uses Exmore sensor, the one that Sony Xperia Z comes with as well, can rotate 206 degrees for taking selfies or normal shots.

Oppo N1 also comes with 2 GB RAM with Snapdragon S600, 3160mAh battery and NFC. It looks like an all round strong handset. Are you keen on getting one for yourself as soon as it arrives in stores near you?

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