House Robbed While Neighbor Watches, Woman Holds Facebook Guilty

December 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This is certainly a wake-up call for those people who post too much about everything, even about their personal information on Facebook. A woman from Canada, who lives in Kamloops, just learnt the bad effects of this, the hard way.

She was robbed of more than $20,000 worth goods and to top it off, the robbers loaded all the luggage to the second car the family owned and drove away. The funny part is that the woman’s neighbor witnessed the crime but did not react, assuming the family was moving out and not getting robbed!

The woman is now trying to create awareness about the do’s and don’ts in Facebook. She believes that her post announcing that her family would be checking out the Vancouver Canucks game that weekend is what gave the robbers an idea that they may not be home.


Interestingly, this is not the first time Facebook is being blamed for a theft. A while ago, the house of a girl who was bold enough to post a picture of her holding $ 20,000 in cash was raided by robbers within hours.The social network site has also been blamed of many party gone viral cases that end in hapless family’s home getting trashed after they leave the kids alone. says that though the Canadian victim is certainly doing good by reminding folks to be careful on what they share on Facebook, it may not be always Facebook’s fault. This kind of information over share can happen at schools, offices or even through the stranger you befriended over some time. It also says that people cannot always get access to your name and matching address through Facebook.

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