Wearable Devices Set to Crowd Market; Sony to bring Smart Wig Next

December 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After Smartwatch 2, Sony is all set to hit the wearable devices market with Smartwig. Reports say that Sony has filed a patent for the “Smartwig” at United States.

We hear Sony has mentioned in its patent filing form that the wig will have several advantages when compared to the other high-tech wearables that are available in the market.

It says that the wig comes with a greater level of user comfort and also a more precise and improved usage of the computing device in use. Though the hair-raising idea was mooted this May, the news became public only last week.


The wig will help the user in road navigation, keeping tabs of blood pressure levels, as well as controlling your presentations. Besides all these, it also can perform the function of tactile feedback.

The wig is mostly made of horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair or synthetic material.  A spokesperson for the company has been quoted as saying that there is indeed research going on in this direction, but he added that the company has not decided whether to commercialize the technology yet.

According to Sony, there are three prototypes for the new product. One, a Presentation Wig which comes with a laser point that will allow users to change presentation slides by left and right motions or even using sideburns.

The second one is a Navigation Wig that is more a GPS device connected to a GPS and a vibrating component that will direct the user. Third, is a Sensing Wig which will collect health data, like temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure from the user’s body.

The last wearable technology that Sony introduced is SmartWatch 2. This is meant to act as second screen for its Xperia range of smartphones.

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