Control this Smart Plane with a Smartphone

December 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A German company has launched a new plane. Wait a minute! This is not just some ordinary plane, but a SmartPlane, which can be controlled by a smartphone.

In fact, that is the tagline used by TobyRich, a company which specializes in smartphone-controlled gadgets.

PowerUp kit’s developers can dispute TobyRich’s claims as they also have introduced smartphone control to paper planes. But TobyRich certainly gets the credit for the first completely packed item that one will come across in terms of smartphone-controlled RC plane.


The base material of the aircraft is expanded polypropelene. The aircraft in itself is durable and lightweight.

It also has its engine and propeller offset inside the plane’s nose to avoid damage due to head-on collisions. The thought of an extra propeller was chucked off as it may be hard for the plane to land.

The aircraft, in all ways, is built to be light weight with lithium-polymer batteries. According to TobyRich  the battery provides over five minutes which can even be extended to 30 minutes if needed.

The recharging part will take a maximu8m of only 15 minutes and can be done via the microUSB cable.


Now, how does this SmartPlane work? It connects to an iOS device via Bluetooth Smart, which gives it a range of up to 60 m. The plane can only be paired with a single device at a time.

A white LED will indicate its connection status. The firmware is automatically updated wirelessly in order to be always updated.

Using Bluetooth Smart, and ruling out Wi-Fi, the users are provided with an artificial horizon that will dominate the bulk of the display with a throttle touch slider. The slider will also come with gauges indicating remaining battery charge and signal strength.

According to TobyRich, the plane has been designed to stay in the air at low speeds to fly indoors even without having laser-sharp reflexes. It also comes equipped with a controller app that has FlightAssist feature which will automatically adjusts and corrects the plain in order to stabilize its flight.

The SmartPlane is up for sale for €69. But from the buyers in UK and Switzerland,an extra €12 is availed for postage. Also, the SmartPlane app is available for free download from the App Store.

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