Acaia Coffee Scale and Apps Promise a Perfect Cup of Joe

November 29, 2013, By Daniel Rapcencu

If you want to find some interesting gadgets and products, a thorough scouring of Kickstarter should yield at least one or two items that may pique your very selective interest. In my latest foray, I found something that fed my need for the latest gadgetry and also promised my discerning taste buds a gourmet delight.

The Acaia Coffee Scale looks like it may meet my peculiar and demanding love for coffee and gadgets. It also processes a beautiful, sleek design with some colors (Classic White, Space Black and Sparkle Gold) that will fit into just about any modern kitchen. In other words, it will not be relegated to a drawer of the back of a shelf, but will be prominently put on display alongside your coffee making gadgets. I know some may take offense to the term gadget, but I revere the word and reserve it for the best of the geek and engineering world.The Acaia Coffee Scale in colors

The Acaia Coffee Scale

Some may call it minimalist, but those who use this are only looking at the surface – sort of like judging a book by its cover. Looking under the hood, we have a scale that is accurate to 1/10th of a gram. After much experimentation, a thermally-compensated single point load cell was used for maximum accuracy and stability. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the single-chip processor inside the injection-molded case which has touch-sensitive controls that are impervious to coffee grinds and dust as well as hot coffee.

The Acaia Coffee Scale weighing beans

Connecting with Bluetooth 4.0 to an iPhone set of apps (Android apps should be available in time) you can keep track of your brewing and blooming time, which will help you to fine tune your perfect cup of coffee. Coffee bean and coffee brewing notes keep track of your recipes, beans, grinds and weights (of beans, grinds and water) necessary to reproduce that perfect cup of Joe!

The Acaia Coffee Brewing App

The Acaia Coffee Brewing App

Check out the Kickstarter page for the Acaia Coffee Scale and become a part of the production team. Stay tuned as I have tracked down Aaron and Rex to a secret bunker somewhere on this earth making some final improvements and features suggested by Kickstarter participants. Once they have surfaced, I just might be able to get a face-to face with Aaron. I may even bring a coveted sack of Black Tiger and fine tune my personal roaring recipe.

Black Tiger Coffee


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