Acer Aspire R7 Convertible Notebook Refreshed for the Holidays

November 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Convertibles are in. This is where Acer’s Aspire R7 too comes in. And when it comes to the holiday shopping, Acer knows  where the device needs to be positioned and how.

Right on time for the holidays, Acer has done an overhaul of its successful Aspire R7 convertible 15-inch notebook and is now offering it for you to pick.

So you must be wondering what the company has effectively brought into the rig as part of the overhaul, right?

Okay here goes. We hear the company has brought in a Core i5 or i7 Haswell processor into the device.


Further additions include more RAM, enhanced battery life and an optional active stylus. That is not all. It is being said that more stuff has been ushered into the device so that holiday shoppers don’t feel left out when they buy the notebook.

Folks at Electronista got some quality time inspecting the refreshed device  and they found that floating Ezel hinge that has been part of this device has remained unaltered. So the device, as in the original version, has the capability to let users play with it in four different modes.

What we get to hear is that the Intel Haswell chipset would be the advantage that provides the R7 to move effortlessly into next gen mode. Further, the touchscreen factor comes with enhanced qualities.

With the company having thrown in the stylus, an cool, amazing one at that, the touch experience gets a thumbs up. The stylus in fact lets the user go about doing any creative he wants and also gives easy access to all the editing tools available.

At one glance you may not find the positioning of the trackpad so cool. But then, take a closer look and your opinion might change.


For, the trackpad find its place just above the keyboard, as if the company erred in the positioning. But then, the touchscreen-trackpad interaction geometry gets to be more on the natural mode with this positioning. So this move may not be seen as an error.

So what we feel about the enhanced version is that Acer has done a bit of homework on how the next gen devices that come to the market would fare. The refresh need to be seen as the company’s move to remain current.

With Haswell  powering the rig, and all other enhancements included, the R7 could help Acer rush through competition to be on the winning track. At $900, the device could be expensive, but Acer might be looking for buyers who have the money to spend on quality notebooks.

Expected to arrive by early December, the R7 convertible notebook could well write a fresh success story for Acer. Holiday shoppers, are you listening?

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