Xbox One: What Makes it Awesome

November 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gamers! The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One  have been ruling your minds for long, we know. The fans of PS4 have their own reasons to applaud Sony’s latest innovation.

Microsoft, in the meanwhile, had been readying the Xbox One with a whole lot of stuff you wouldn’t have imagined. Or, did you?

The console is unique in many aspects. And as we just heard from folks at WSJ, this one from Microsoft isn’t just another game console you would want to lay your hands on.


Okay, the basic facts now. The Xbox One hides within itself a super-fast processor, loads of RAM, storage options and a GPU.

What make it more than your ordinary gaming console are these plus the HDMI-in jack, which provides for music delivery, TV channel menus and live TV from your set-top cable or satellite box’s digital feed.

Entertainment gets a huge plus when you know that the device sports all those Xbox Live entertainment options you always wanted, and they include access to ESPN, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix accounts for TV or movies.

Further, it would do good, if you were not to pit it against the PS4. PlayStation 4  fans would love the Sony console, no doubt. PS4 in fact is one complete gaming console that offers all about gaming. This one too has an eight-core processor, eight gigabytes of RAM and 500GB of storage, very much like what the Xbox One sports.

Also, the RAM is better in PS4 and its GPU performance is much higher, compared with the Xbox One’s.

But then, as WSJ says, no one can make out, well most of you out there, wouldn’t be so concerned if the resolution is 720 or 1080 right?

What makes us go for the Xbox One could be the fact that the 13.1 inches wide and 10.8 inches long device that weighs seven pounds doesn’t seem to be bad option. Forget the weight, you won’t even notice it unless you are travelling around carrying it.


When you are gaming or not, the Xbox One offers option to let you even log on and use Skype or other apps on the TV, watch a show or just listen to some good music. Now, that is so much about converged digital experience.

Coming to the user interface, this one rocks. But then the set up process takes a bit more time. In fact the user interface is not too different from what the Xbox 360 offered. But then, enhanced features make it better.

You can even command your needs to the Xbox One and it will perform them to your satisfaction via the Kinect functionality.  So you say Go home and it takes you to the menu. You can even turn off of on the device with voice commands.

With the Xbox One, you also get to “launch cable or satellite TV from the set-top box, get the guide up on-screen and start specific games, TV shows or apps”. Volume controls on your TV, recording games, Skype calls et al are possible.

There are more aspects you sure would love about the Xbox One, and Adam Najberg at WSJ has all the details.  Tell us what you like about the Xbox One console.

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