Hitting the Tarmac on Airless Tires; Polaris ATV Makes it Happen

November 20, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Airless tires, otherwise called as non-pneumatic tires, are not a new invention.  A lot of study has been concentrated on this area, especially by tire companies.

If a successful design is indeed found, this will reduce the profit tire companies take home, as it makes the number of flats and replaced tires decline to a very large extent. If the designs are efficient, it will also make the maintenance of tires much simpler.

There are different versions of airless tires varying from Bridgestone to Michelin and more. However, the first of these, which the makers claim is a successful design, will hit markets soon and are going to be from the ATV maker Polaris.


The biggest problem that is being perceived with airless tires is that they bring down fuel efficiency and suspension, when compared to air-filled ones. Airless tires were always present in backhoes and equipments of the like.

However, when it comes to convincing a common person to buy any car that has these on them is a bit of a trouble. And why not, a practical airless tire which is compatible with the designs and material is only a recent development.

Polaris says that airless tires are especially of interest to the military. The military has funded the idea pretty much well as even super tough tires can get flat.

Their need is for something that can roll over shrapnel and other war residues and yet keep rolling for hours. The vehicle should be constructed to meet the military standards.


Geek.com says that this is why the product is being marketed as a big army surplus item.  Priced at $15,000 it already had better features and these fancy new tires were indeed an addition. With a towing capacity of 1500, ATV comes with an enormous 45-liter fuel tank.

No matter where you are, airless tires are an attraction and a very reliable option. However, it remains to the new designs on whether it will make a perfect ride even to the consumer market.

An airless tire that offers a decent mileage and a quality ride that will match that of the pneumatic tires would certainly give the conventional tire companies sleepless nights.

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