MIT Showcases iFORM New Revolutionary Display Invention

November 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The new Dynamic Shape Display by MIT lifts telepresence to new levels of interaction.

With properties like three dimensions, the surface responds to the way the user moves, also enabling interaction with real objects.

Similar to other projects which banks heavily on motion tracking along with natural user interfaces, inFORM that is utilized used a computer which is attached to a Kinect sensor and project.


All of these are for the surface of the display.  A series of blocks that have adjustable heights are moved away and to by actuators and linkages.

inFORM  cannot just reproduce movements but can also works as an input device, something like a 3D touch screen which can track movements like Xbox 360 works with Kinect.

The only difference is this is cooler with a physical surface that allows you to reconfigure it to command different controls in various situations.

inFORM can also be used as a real 3D display. In the demo, video released by MIT the user plays with a bar chart using an iPad. inFORM renders the chart in such three dimensional displays.

It is easy to imagine how this will be of extreme use to a number of professionals. It also carries with it the potential to assist in remote learning and therapy by guiding users through previously set motions.

The possibilities are obviously endless when it comes to inFORM. As the software and hardware evolves to become more refined we will hopefully get to see more amazing demo videos from MIT than this one.

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