Google Project Loon Balloons to Float Around for 100 Days

November 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is all set to make its Project Loon balloons stay up in the air for a while. The key aim of this project is to deliver Wi-Fi to remote parts of this world through weather balloons.

A new Google video has let out this information, but it looks like they have not settled down on a solution yet.

Pam Desrochers, Google’s balloon manufacturing manager, says that each balloon is designed to stay up for 100 days.


In other words, three trips around the globe. This is much longer than the time most of the other weather balloons that travels at the stratospheric heights.

Desrochers also opines that though 100 days is long enough for a balloon, it isn’t too to make obsolete the technology that is already tried out in the air. She described the material that goes into the balloon to be rubber-band like.

Each balloon will require 500 square meters of it. While the original balloons that were tested during the Project Loon demo in New Zealand were made of polyethylene film, the video sort of tells us that Google is still undecided on the material that will be apt for its balloons.

She also says that Loon’s balloons must be very hard, basically because it is going to be subjected to extreme climates on a daily basis.

This extreme variation will cause the material to stretch and contract as well. Ultraviolet radiation and bad weather are also problems that the balloons must battle, as they will cause pinhole leaks and even more serious destruction.

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