Tap a Button to Get Coffee Straight from the Farms to Your Cup

November 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to coffee, there are indeed many choices. Starting from the roast to grind to how much of what you need to put in, the options are endless.

However, before deciding on putting how much cream and sugar you want, first you need to zero down on what coffee you want, and need to give a thought about where you want the coffee.

Making all this possible from now on, Bonaverde  will soon hit the market. Calling itself the “world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine,” this too-good-to-be-true coffee maker can not only grind and brew the coffee, but it can also roasts raw green beans.


If you thought that is just it, you are wrong.

What may be the most exciting part about this Kickstarter campaign  is its potential in getting the brew from the farm to the cups. They are looking ahead to connect coffee drinkers with farmers.

The company thus is trying to create a platform where consumers can purchase their coffee beans directly from the farmer.

By creating a farmer community page, the company hopes that they can build resources using which people can connect with their coffee makers at the source.

Hans Stier, the founder of Bonaverde has been quoted as saying that the consumers want great transparency in the coffee market across the entire value chain, and hence their concept is a complete shift from the established market. They plan on giving their customers complete control over the roasting process and to ensure that more money goes to the coffee farmers.

The company seems to relish in taking on the disruptor role. Other than the Kickstarter campaign, Bonaverde has also crowd-sourced the designs of the machine with a challenge on Jovoto.

When we consider the fact that the options to grab a cup of coffee are endless, personalizing the process from the start to end is certainly a good approach, though it should be first tested and then tasted by all.

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