Samsung NX300M Camera is Tizen Powered

November 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tizen is one name we have been hearing for long. And we all have been waiting to know who would come with the first ever Tizen machine.

Tizen, in case you came in late, is a software platform for tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, netbooks and a lot of other devices. When it gets into smartphones , the platform enhances the performance and quality of the phone’s user interface.

Okay, so you thought Samsung would put Tizen inside its next smartphone, right?  That is not to be so. Samsung is thinking different, as always.


What we hear now is that Samsung has brought forth its first ever Tizen device in the form of a camera. The new Samsung NX300M camera, which launched this October, in Korea, has Tizen powering it.

It has been reported that Samsung’s executive VP Jong-Deok Choi showed off a slide which had the NX300M camera running on a supposedly Tizen Camera Platform that uses using Tizen core technology, at the Tizen developer summit.

So the future has already been ushered in.  The Tizen enhanced camera offers 2x faster booting speed compared to other Linux based snappers. It also has 20 megapixel resolution and is capable of  9 shots per second.

Who among you are interested in the Samsung NX300M camera that has Tizen inside? Wait for it till it comes to your land of residence.

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