Apple iPhone Models Likely to Sport Curved Screens, New Sensors

November 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When the tech world runs behind out-of-the-world form factors for their mobile devices, it is only natural that Apple wants to be a forerunner of sorts with something even more unique.

Back in May 2011, we already saw news of Apple mulling over a ‘curved cover glass’ form factor for their iPhone 5. It was also said then that high capital could force glass makers to not commit investment on purchasing glass cutting equipment.

Apple has in fact bought 200-300 glass cutting machines so that glass makers can put them to use. But after that we heard nothing on that.


In the meantime, LG, Samsung and many other names had brought to full view their curved devices, which had the tech enthusiasts cheer in gay abandon. We are all waiting to see who is next.

And now suddenly we hear that the folks at Cupertino are developing new iPhone designs that would also include bigger screens with curved glass. They will also come with enhanced sensors capable of detecting pressure levels too.

So going by a Bloomberg report that just quoted a person in the know at Apple labs, the company would reveal devices with larger displays that would boast glass with curves downward at the edges. Nothing more is public as yet, though.

It is also being said that sensors that will be able to make out heavy and light touches on the display area will be part of subsequent models.

We get to know that the Apple models that are to come will break tradition and will be the company’s largest phones flaunting their 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen space. That could also be seen that the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung might have competition.


May be, we might be able to see the device come to the showcase by third quarter of 2014. We will have to wait.

It is of course a known fact that Apple hasn’t been able to pose any challenge to Android devices on the large display terrain. May be the company wants to go there  too and emerge winner. But with many Android devices vying with each other by putting forth to the customer larger screens and other unique features in their devices, Apple will have to fight a big battle.

The company is in fact going strong with the iPhone 5S, which it had brought to the buyers with so many exclusive features.  It is likely that Apple will look at larger screens and curved form factors too.

What we hear now endorses these expectations. Bu then, would you want Apple to break tradition?

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