Motorola to Embed a Tattoo-styled Microphone in Your Neck; We Call it Bizarre

November 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was only a few days ago we narrated a tale for you about the so called biohacker who did something bizarre . For German dude Tim Cannon, it wasn’t bizarre but tech enthusiasm.

The act of implanting a huge computer chip underneath the skin of his arm had brought to Cannon some good amount of headline space.

What we hear at the moment doesn’t have anything to do with this biohacker (pictured down below) from German soil. What we are going to talk about here is about a touch-less control technology that the Google-owned Motorola is said to be mulling over.


Hands free, touch-less controls are innovations that could shake up the entire technology scene. We have seen men and women clamor for technology that would let them go about doing their tasks while on the phone handsfree!

A patent application now doing the rounds talks of this unique technology that folks at Motorola are readying in their labs. Believed to be filed last year, the patent elaborates on a wireless microphone.

What’s unique about a microphone, you tend to ask? This microphone is indeed unique and the first ever microphone that can be tattooed onto the throat!

In case you would want to know what Motorola has filed, here goes:

The electronic skin tattoo can include an embedded microphone; a transceiver for enabling wireless communication with the MCD (mobile communication device); and a power supply configured to receive energizing signals from a personal area network associated with the MCD. A controller is communicatively coupled to the power supply. The controller can be configured to receive a signal from the MCD to initiate reception of an audio stream picked up from the throat region of the body for subsequent audio detection by the MCD under an improved signal-to-noise ratio than without the employment of the electronic skin tattoo.

What does that exactly bring to your body? An alien object that is tech enabled but seems to be part of a tattoo that has found its place in your neck? By all means, yes.


So in the near future you might rummage through the designs in your tattoo parlor looking for the best looking ink art that would also enclose your microphone. The act is not going to be just a beauty enhancing attempt by going in for some kind of wearable technology. It would be more than that.

Noise cancelling microphone in your neck that is made to look like ink on your skin is just round the bend, folks!  Would you really want to roam around with a tech-embedded neck? Moto, what are you up to, for heaven’s sake?

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