Talk, Text and Stay Connected Even Aboard a Flight: Thank Gogo for That

November 9, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Haven’t you always seemed so powerless without any access to your smartphone calls while flying?  Making or accepting calls while inside an aircraft was something that you never were allowed to do, until now.

Though in-flight data transfer via WiFi had made its debut sometime ago, making calls was something everyone wanted to do. In-flight WiFi in fact has turned out to be popular after many an aircraft decided to offer the service.

Answering the prayers of millions who have been looking to have the phones call-ready even during a short distance flight, here comes a new technology that would definitely be welcomed by many.


Unveiling the new technology is aircraft connectivity company Gogo, and what we get to play with is a new in-flight technology that allows users to make phone calls and send text messages even while on flight.

Going by what folks at CNET explain, the Gogo Text & Talk technology is something we all would love to try out. The Gogo Text & Talk tech actually allows air-to-ground connectivity by way of calls and text messages that are routed via the aircraft’s wireless network .

The technology in the form an app in fact delivers texts instantly and calls very promptly.  Though still in beta, the new app , Gogo has brought to the fore what flyers have been hoping for long.

To use the technology, users just need to download a companion app when you are connected with the Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi.  More or less an extension of the regular cellular network the new technology allows smartphone owners to even roam on the in-flight network.

Gogo is offering the service both on Android devices and Apple iPhones. Though Windows Phone devices do not have the capability to use the service at the moment, the company is likely to bring it to such phones too without much delay.


So, with the new Gogo service tried and tested already, it is expected that the technology would be made available on commercial flights by the first quarter of 2014. Till then, all tests would be done so as to make sure there aren’t glitches.

With Gogo already found inside around 6000 aircraft including American Airlines, United, Virgin America and Delta, the company seems to be good to go with the new service in all these airplanes during the launch of the service.

The US scenario is what Gogo is talking about at the moment. We need to wait to know if similar services would go into play in aircraft from around the globe.  As the launch date nears in the US, all we need to know is how much it would cost. The company hasn’t let out anything on that , saying it is still working on the business model.

Let’s wait to see the launch of the Gogo Text & Talk technology.

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