Tesla Electric Vehicles Seem to be Catching Fire at an Unbelievable Rate

November 8, 2013, By Daniel Rapcencu

It seems that there has been a lot of press concerning the all-electric Tesla automobiles. They have been catching fire at an alarming rate, or so it seems. We have the Internet so every single point of information you could possibly want to know is instantly available, and the news media certainly knows how to use it effectively to ensure everyone knows.

Tesla electric car on fire

Tesla electric car on fire

In reality there have not been that many Tesla fires. It is just that we get to read about them every place we turn.  Today, Google shows over 101 million references to Tesla fires. We are just swamped with the news.

In reality, just a few Teslas have burned up. That small number, however had a huge impact on Tesla stock! Three Tesla’s have burned up in the last few weeks, and that number is small considering how many Tesla’s are on the roads today.

Let’s look at what has happened.  The way you hear it through the rumor mill is that these poor cars just burst into flames from the batteries shorting out. Yes, the batteries did short out, but that is not the whole story. Some were in accidents where the batteries were crushed or the electrical system shorted out. A whole amount of energy was released throughout the twisted metal of the wrecks which melted metal and burned anything that was capable of being burned.

The accidents looked pretty bad. One fire was caused by a Tesla running over a tow hitch that had come loose from some vehicle and was left in the road. Inside EVs reported:

The Tesla Model S in question reportedly struck a tow hitch on the road, and ”hit the undercarriage of the vehicle causing an electrical fire.” This force was estimated at 25 tons and the batteries were impaled on the tow hitch that’s a good way to burn up your Tesla.  Look at the following video of a crash in Mexico.

Hopefully, the Tesla stock will recover once the investors calmed down.

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