Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Boast 14 MP Snapper with ISOCELL Tech

November 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sammy is at it again. After having unveiled incredibly successful devices such as the Samsung Galaxy 4 and the Note  devices, the Korean manufacturer is said to be lining up the next gen Galaxy 5.

The sheer mention of a next gen device from Samsung is enough to trigger tall hopes. Looking to dethrone Apple’s charming devices, the new upcoming device could well make the iPhone models worry a tad, if not more.

That’s what the expected specs seem to hint at.  So that brings us to what they could be, right? Let’s explore.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is turning out to be a much rumoured device and so it is only natural that so much is being said about the features it would carry along.

If you would remember, we had some time ago heard Shin Jong-Kyun, CEO of Mobile at Samsung, opine  that the manufacturer’s next gen devices could come with “64-bit processing”. It was also rumored that this processor would come along with the Note 4 that was to come later in 2014. But somehow there was talk of a delay too.

And also, Samsung would need to depend heavily on Google to make it out a 64-bit version of its Android OS. KitKat would be the Android OS that the cellphone would use, but the 64-bit version needs a confirmation.

It is also being rumored that Samsung might go in for an all metal body, so that it can take the all metal iPhone head on. But then, there is also talk of a carbon fibre body, thanks to the news that Sammy had bought out 50 percent share in SGL Group, a carbon fibre company.


Other features to note would be the waterproof  and dustproof aspects that Samsung would go in for.  We might also get to see a brand new design, most probably a square form factor, that is.

The physical home button might be shown the door if the square shape gets the thumbs up from the scientists at the company. Patents for the square form factor  have already been applied for, but we are yet to confirm if the design would take the square root.

One of the most significant and drool worthy features would be the camera that the S5 would come boasting of. The device is expected to come with a 16MP camera that packs in itself the ISOCELL technology. This technology would let the camera play with low-light photography.

According to reports, the ISOCELL tech will also allow for “physically separating each pixel, minimising electrical crosstalk, producing sharper pictures with less noise”.

The display is another aspect we are interested in , as you are too. But we haven’t much on that at the moment.  An upgraded Super AMOLED technology is a possibility, though.

The device is expected to come to our midst by March 2014, and could have a price tag that wouldn’t make people call the Galaxy S4 pricier than the latest iPhone.

Let’s wait.

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