Biohacker Implants Huge Computer Chip in Arm

November 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to technology, there are some people out there who can go to any extent to prove their love.

Implanting their body is one such thing these diehard tech savvy people do fondly. While earlier this year, we read about the man who implanted headphones onto his ears, now another person implanting a computer inside his arm is making news.

Tim Cannon hails from Germany and calls himself a “biohacker”. He says this is why he thought it is necessary to implant a huge computer chip underneath the skin of his arm.


The chip transmits biometric data to his Android devices and is kept in a protected case beneath his skin.

The computer chip is charged wirelessly. Of course! The thought of plugging a cable to an open wound in order to charge is anyhow a turn off. Cannon reportedly got the help of a “body modification enthusiast” to insert the computer chip into his body.

The shocking part comes now; this so called body modification enthusiast does not have any kind of medical degree.

This might be the reason why Cannon has dangerous looking stitches at one end of his skin  through which the chip might have been inserted.

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