Samsung Preps Google Glass Rival; Patent Filing Hints at Sporty Glasses

October 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like Sammy is thinking in terms of wearable technology yet again. We have already seen the Galaxy Gear that would adorn your wrists, but this time around the Korean manufacturer seems to be looking for a Google Glass rival.

Hints of such a device come courtesy of a design patent registered with Korean authorities.

What we infer from the patent filing is a that the upcoming Samsung device could be an electronic device in the form of glasses, which could possibly fall under the “sports glasses” category.


A WSJ report says that the patent filing talks of a type of glasses which would have integrated earphones  so that users can attend phone calls and listen to music during workouts.

The upcoming Samsung sports glasses could be connected to a smartphone. Alerts for info running on the phone would come as alerts and these would allow for easy access to control hands free.

It is also rumoured that the device will also have a translucent or possibly a transparent lens. Sketches of the device hint at huge similarities with the Google Glass.  However, it is expected that Samsung would accord more importance to the sporty factor.

Google Glass is yet to come to retail, but the hope it has generated among potential users is huge. We have also seen many an user testing the device, with high amount of applause. If you haven’t as yet seen our reports on the Google Glass and other wearable gadgets as yet, we suggest you head here  and here, so that you will know what’s in the pipeline.


The latest promise from the Korean company, in the meantime, is worthy of a wait, even if it takes a tad longer. As of now, Samsung has handed over the sporty glasses to a bunch of select users so that the testing process is on.

Samsung isn’t new to wearable devices, after all. You have already seen the Samsung Galaxy gear, and were in awe of it, right?

May be the maker will do an encore with this one too. When Sammy pushes out a new device out of its labs on to public terrain, it always ensures it works. This one too may be expected to be awesome.

However, we haven’t heard anything on the new device from the company as yet. As is the practice, Sammy doesn’t come out with comments on future products. So we need to believe the patent filing as of now.

Let’s just wait.

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