Smart Watch Space Getting Crowded; HTC Lines up Device That Can Click Photos

October 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearable devices are in.  We have over the past few days brought to you many such devices from a variety of manufacturers.

It was just a week ago that we had stumbled upon Google’s Nexus smart watch scheduled for release on October 31 . The KitKat OS too powered device has been ruling the minds of potential customers ever since.

The Google Nexus smart watch was in fact joining the league that already has been crowded with devices from Samsung, and many more.

As if adding strength to the wearable computing devices band, here’s one more major player in the tech arena venturing into the smart wearable devices arena.


The company is HTC and the smart watch expected to roll out of its labs is said to be capable of taking pictures .

In the handset terrain, the marketplace has not been too kind to HTC.  Expected to be a try at the new horizon in wearable computing, the company’s outing in this space  need to be seen as encouraging for itself. And the customer too, of course!

To run Android OS, the upcoming HTC smartwatch could make its way into the market by the end of next year. The news comes just hours after FT had quoted company CEO Peter Chou as saying that the wearable technology market is a critical segment for HTC .

If we see this foray by HTC as a bid to tackle the competition that has come about from rivals Apple and Samsung in the smart devices market place, then we need to expect something awesome by end of 2014.

Hints of the camera-sporting smart watch themselves point to something great, but we need to wait to get one in our hands.  The company isn’t someone who is willing to stay idle, and they have given us a variety of handsets that stood heads and shoulders above the rest.


This smart watch foray too needs to be taken seriously.

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and also Pebble Watch, Sony SmartWatch 2, and FitBit Force already garnering truck loads of attention, we know Google’s Nexus smart watch and also the one Apple is believed to be making could pose stiff rivalry.

It has been pointed out that the wearable technology space will see $19 billion in terms of spending by the year 2018. That means all players are surely seeing things with utmost seriousness.

Customers too are waiting. All they will now look for is for the best.  Wish HTC would give them the ultimate smart watch.

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