Apple iPhone 5C a Sales Dampener; Negatives Galore

October 19, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like the iPhone 5C has been battling sales decline of late!  Going by the retail stats, the market observers have concluded that the demand for the cheaper version  of the iPhone is on plummet mode.

Not able to go into trouble shooting mode, the Cupertino based iGiant is now asking its Taiwanese suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron to cut down production of the plastic clad device for the time being.

While Foxconn has been asked to trim down production by a third, Pegatron will snip output to 20 percent.  As you all know, the device had arrived along with the iPhone 5S , but sported a price that was only $100 cheaper than the 5S. The price or the design haven’t enamoured the markets and this has led to the decline in sales.


Analysts now are examining in detail what caused the drop in demand. While some attribute the trimming down n production as a routine affair, as Apple is believed to be doing this to keep in tune with the supply chain stats.

It is being pointed out that the costlier iPhone 5S still has at least 2 weeks of back order even as the 5C ships in 24 hours of order. A balance has turned out to be imperative, and that could be why the trim down process came into effect.

All said, the iPhone 5C is in trouble . Apart from the declining sales, there are also other reasons to hate it. Going by what folks at ZdNet say, many a reason has proved to be a put off for iPhone 5C.

One of those is that this one looks like a rebadged iPhone 5, the range of hues and the retina display are the only good things.


Going further, a relook at the various shades would definitely put you off. For, the colors are many but the maker has missed out on the subdued hues that most owners would have liked it to have. White, pink, yellow, blue, green are fine, but there are many who would have wanted the cheap device to have a saner subdued paint too.

Look at the price now. It is just about $100 cheaper than the iPhone 5S. How does the company expect an iPhone customer to go for the close to bizarre colored handset when he can pick a 16GB iPhone 5S for a little more? Also, unlocked handsets are available for less than that amount. The price is a dampener, for sure.

Now that the demand has waned, it very well shows the lack of interest from the part of customers. And the trimming down could be a virtual phase out in a short while, may be.

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