Google KitKat-Munching Nexus Smart Watch Sets Oct 31 Debut Date

October 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have told you many a time about the popular wave that the wearable devices are enjoying as of late.

From Google Glass to the wristwatch iterations from many, including Samsung, we have seen many a maker doling out a variety of devices already.

But now this is something big time excitement, indeed.  What we just stumbled upon mentions a smart watch that would come with the latest iteration of the Google Android OS.

Not willing to trust us? But then you have to, as Google is fast lining up the latest Android version 4.4 KitKat operated smart watch for release in just two weeks time.


From what we learn, the scheduled date is October 31. That exactly is the launch date thought of for the KitKat OS too. So, we have reasons to believe that the new smart watch from Google will walk down the ramp flaunting KitKat on that date.

What is it going to be called? We know that would be the next natural question on all your minds. We too were looking for the nomenclature and that’s when Android Police blogger Artem Russakovskii went all out on Google+ declaring that he has learnt that the new KitKat powered Google smart watch will be called Nexus.

Google just seem to love the name, and the Nexus branding has already taken the company to good heights, right? No wonder Google wants the Nexus name on the new wearable device too.  So what you could soon show off apart from your Nexus phones and slates would be the smart watch too.

Going by what we stumbled upon, the new Nexus smart watch has been code named Gem. Indeed a wearable gem of a device is raring to have a go at you tech enthusiasts in a couple of weeks’ time.


If you go looking for specs of the new Nexus (Gem) smart watch, chances are that you would find none. Apart from rumors that hint at the KitKat feature called Google Home app, which would house all Google apps, nothing more has been revealed or leaked.

The October 31 launch date could mean that the device could come to retail without much delay. But then, we are in no position to tell you exactly when.

All we are able to do now is to wait till the KitKat OS powered device hops on to our wrists. We are sure will have an awesome time playing and reviewing the device. We just hope Google doesn’t disappoint. The company rarely has rolled out disappointment, after all. So the hope lives on.

Join us as we look to the launch window to applaud the new star. KitKat, Hurray!

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