Bombardier Learjet 85 is Luxury in Flight

October 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Bombardier Aerospace is now ready to provide you with the last word in luxury. The Learjet 85, the latest private jet from the aircraft manufacturer is the largest, tallest and widest Learjet ever built.

The aerial vehicle, which comes with improved transcontinental range, is made to provide the highest level of luxury to passengers.

The aerial vehicle is lighter and more fuel efficient than its predecessors. The body is made of composite material so as to help in increasing durability and reducing weight.


This plane has a capacity to occupy eight passengers  as well as two pilots. A handful of latest technology oriented features aimed at ensuring safe as well as luxurious journey has been thrown in.

The flight offers entertainment systems like DVD player, HD screens, satellite radio  and passengers can access the internet too. The cockpit of the vehicle has been spruced up with the addition of two iPads on side of each of the pilot’s seats.

Switches, dials and gauges are replaced here with stylish and slim monitors and touch screen controls. The manufacturer claims that the passengers can use mobile phone to make calls even during the journey.

If you want to get a feel of this high class luxury, you will have to pay around $20.8 million. Flexjet offers another option – ‘fractional ownership’ of the plane. Here you have to pay $1.18 million for getting 50 hours of flight time each year for a period of five years, and after that the company will buy back your stake in the plane.

How about that?

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