Apple iPad High Res Slate, Budget Level iMac in the Works; iBuzz Gets Sweeter

October 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

So, you think Apple has given you all you wanted? At least the iFans out there are a satisfied lot. But then, folks at the Cupertino based company are not willing to sit idle.

There seems to be a lot of devices coming our way in the near future. Even as Apple gears up for the new product launches, it is only natural that the grapevine gets active with every passing day.

And, now we KGI Securities telling the world that the soon to come Apple products are more than exciting. What the line up includes seem to be an iPad that would boast higher resolution features, an iMac that would be extremely wallet-friendly and iPad Mini Retina.


Don’t these names excite you big time? It does for us, and we are already waiting to lay our hands on the amazing devices the iGiant has for us.

According to a CNet report quoting KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , the company will soon be readying an iPad that would pack in nearly a third more pixels.

Expected to be a 7-incher device, the new iPad (probably the iPad 6) will come with pixel density that would be at least 30 percent more than what your latest iPad could be carrying.

So, that could also mean that the iPad 5, which might retain the 264 pixels/inch density  of the iPad 4, will be way behind the iPad 6 that will come with a much higher resolution.

But then, the analyst doesn’t think the iPad 6 will sport a large 12.6 inch display. That, for the time being, puts to rest the guess work by some out there who had speculated on a 12-plus inch pad.  Higher resolution on a 9.7 inch iPad is what we will be looking forward to.

We hear this one will most probably make its way to the market by the middle of 2014. Considering that the 2014 date is not a long way off, we guess we would have to wait patiently for the beauty to come our way.


Meanwhile, Apple will also be busy working on an iPad Mini Retina. Likely to be shown off later this month or a bit later, the Mini Retina slate could take even more time to enter the market.

What is even more exciting is a budget level iMac that is fast getting a touch up for the ramp walk. Going by what folks at MacRumors have heard from KGI , we need to look toward an encouragingly awesome piece from Cupertino.  This is what Kuo has been quoted as saying:

 “We expect the unprecedented 12” model will boast both the portability of the 11” model, and productivity of the 13” model. The high resolution display will also offer the outstanding visual experience of the Retina MacBook Pro. The offering will likely be lighter and slimmer than the existing MacBook Air to further highlight ease of portability in the cloud computing era. We think the form factor will showcase a much improved clamshell structure, and that it will redefine laptop computing once again following the milestone created by the MacBook Air ”.

The price, as we mentioned, is going to be on the lower side, as Apple might be looking to push Lenovo, HP and others by the way side with a wallet charmer of a price tag.

So now you know what is brewing at the Cupertino labs, folks.  Tell us what you feel about each of these devices that might actually arrive in our midst without much of a delay.

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