Amazon Announces New Incentives for App Store Developers

October 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon is looking to give developers big reasons to smile.  The company, who is facing an uphill battle in the tablet market, has launched a new developer incentive program, aiming to attract third party developers over to its app store.

The Appstore Developer Select program aims at doling out to developers a variety of marketing and promotional benefits as well as discounts on Amazon services.

The announcement is expected to be beneficial to both developers and Amazon. The company is hoping that this will pave the way for increasing the number of quality applications meeting specific requirements on its platform.


The benefits for the developers include 500,000 free mobile advertisements impressions across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

So as to get these benefits, the developers need to go highly dedicated into Amazon’s developer environment. They will need to use Amazon’s APIs for Fire OS including consumer features, such as Amazon’s GameCircle, In-App purchasing and mobile ads.

Amazon is not the first company to offer incentives for their developers. Microsoft is offering many incentives for developers who are working for their Windows OS and Windows phone. Companies like Apple, Google and BlackBerry also have similar incentive programs.

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