Brew Beer with Your iPhone and a Robot

October 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is it a nice idea to use a robot to control you smart phone so as to brew beer? Maybe not for some!. But then, there are others who feel, why not?

A craft beer brewing robot that lets you brew amazing beer even at your home and office, has collected about $100,000 in a Kickstarter campaign.

The device named ‘Brewbot’ will help people to brew beer. Yes, those of you who are totally ignorant of how to do it can learn to make some good quality stuff.

The developers behind this innovation claim that their nice appliance will make the complicated process of brewing much simpler, and the user can just sit and relax while the machine prepares the beer for him.


Going by what the Kickstarter page says, the device is described as “an easy-to-use, controlled environment that is aesthetically pleasing, and frees up brewers to focus on the recipes. You don’t need to know anything about brewing”.

The robot is capable of automatically adjusting brewing details such as temperature and proportion. You can even send the recipe to the Brewbot via your iPhone. The device also has the option of automatic cleaning after it finishes each batch of brew.

The stainless steel appliance has a height of about 4 feet and uses open source platform for programming.

The device has a projected cost of around $3200. The designers have built a prototype device and the campaign will come to an end soon.

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