Samsung Mystery Device Shows Up; Could be a Fitness Gadget

October 9, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

South Korean tech giant Samsung is all set to release its new device, and we hear it is going to be a fitness gadget. The yet to be revealed Samsung device has shown up at the Bluetooth certification page, and the name mentioned is ‘S Circle’.

One closer look tells us that the product number of the new device is EI-AN900A.

The unannounced device may be the part of the S-Band family, and may likely contain sensors to record metabolic activities like heart rate for athletes and other active users.


The Bluetooth certification filing reveals nothing more about the device, and the company too has preferred to stay quiet.

Some experts are pointing out another possibility, that the device may be another portable media player from the company. The device may be another companion device to pair with smart phones also.

In fact, the device was listed in the Bluetooth certification page on October 4. The world’s largest information technology company by revenues wants something more to be joyous about, and for that, it could be looking deeper into the fitness accessories scenario.

But then, at the moment, there is no choice in front of you other than just wait for an official announcement from the company. We have our ears keen. Join us.

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