Memoto Camera is Now Called Narrative Clip

October 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The innovative wearable Memoto camera is now called “Narrative Clip”. The Swedish company that is previously called “Memoto” has recently announced that it is changing its name to “Narrative” and their debut product will be called “Narrative Clip”.

The company is currently getting set for its product launch in November. They have also made another announcement that Narrative has approached a new financing round of $3milion, by San Francisco based VC, True Ventures.

Martin Kallsttrom, CEO of Narrative, has been quoted as saying that they are looking to forward to move with a fresh and new face for the brand, so that to ensure a successful product launch.


Addressing the name change, Oskar Kalmaru, VP of Marketing said that the new name Narrative, perfectly describes what they have been trying to do all along – help users to tell their lives stories. Also, it reflects their products attributes such as wearable, tiny and quick.

Narrative Clip is a wearable camera device that automatically shoots photos of life as-it-happens. It also offers search and sharing options through the help of a companion mobile app. After the product announcement, Narrative has received thousands of pre-orders for their camera device, priced at $279.

With Narrative Clip, users can get a new way to capture and share their life stories, in other words, it will act as a photoblog. According to Narrative, the shipping of the Narrative Clip will begin from 1st November.

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