Augmented Reality Glasses Translate Any Language for You

October 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How amazing would it be, if you have a glass that could translate unknown languages to your mother tongue when you are in a foreign country? One such innovation is ready in Japan for you.

This next generation spectacles were unveiled at a gadget fair in the outskirts of Tokyo. Augmented reality glasses are capable of translating foreign menus into the wearer’s own language in a real time basis.

The developers of such a product expect that the new glasses could be ready for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Yes, they are aiming at foreign visitors who would flock to Tokyo.


NTT Docomo, one of the leading telecom firms in Japan, is behind this innovation. The glasses work in such a way that it can project text in the wearer’s native language over unfamiliar signs and menus, which helps tourists from European destinations, who are not capable of reading Japanese language.

NTT Docomo has said that the character recognition technology invented by the firm will enable instant language translation for users travelling abroad.

The company claims that the new technology would help foreigners  to read restaurant menus and other documents, which are written in local languages without difficulty.

The developers claim that smart glasses can perform other functions too, such as transfer any flat surface into a touch screen with the wearer using a finger ring to activate animated tags.

What do you think of this innovation?

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