Samsung Galaxy Gear is Stylish and Affordable; But Does it Make Itself Worthy of a Buy

October 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might have already got to know all about Samsung’s new smart watch after the company showed it off at the IFA 2013  on September 4th.

The newest device from Sammy is attractive, comfortable to wear and affordable at $299. We have earlier seen such type of watches only in James Bond flicks, and it is fascinating that the company has made it a reality.

The much-hyped device from Samsung runs the latest version of Android 4.3 OS and comes with a handful of features.


But there are some questions rising about the ability of this device  in the context of a few smart functions. Experts have started deliberations on whether the device is indeed smart enough as the name suggests? Let’s take a look.

The wearable device links with your smart phone via Bluetooth and performs as a second screen which lets you know what is going on in your smart phone without even touching it. The idea is nice.

But the real problem is some potential inabilities of the device such as lack of e-mail and social network support, which are the primary uses of your smart phone. So, a user who owns a Galaxy Gear, will have to carry his smart phone to view his emails. That doesn’t sound good, right?

The smart watch from the world’s leading handset manufacturer delivers a convenient way to let you answer calls. But the company seems to have forgotten something on that front.

A buyer who pays around $300 expects something more. Like compatibility to use social networking sites and such. The device has no SIM card as well as data network connection of its own, which is a major drawback.

The functions of this ‘smart’ watch is limited to just taking calls and sending SMS, which are not at all smart functions done only by a smart device. Even handsets which cost about $20 will do these tasks.

So why should you consider this device, which just functions as a second screen of your smart phone? Further, the device is compatible only with Samsung’s latest handset, Galaxy Note 3. The company has said that it will update the device to make compatible with devices like Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 soon. Even then, that is a small list.


The small 1.6 inch display is easily readable. The device has just one button. It lacks a micro USB port also. The watch has good build quality, but lacks water resistant capacity, which is irritating for the user. The 800 MHz processor is just average.

You have to spoil your valuable time swiping on the screen until you find the app you want to open, which doesn’t sound good either. The voice recognition software, S Voice, doesn’t live up to expectations either.

The device supports only a few apps, which again adds inconvenience to the user. Many popular apps like Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype are also not compatible with this ‘smart’ watch. On top of everything else, the laser that can burn through locks and such is nowhere to be found.

So what do you think Samsung intends to do with the Gear?

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