Google Glass Citi Bike App Could Come in Handy While On a Bike

October 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you a rider who often struggles to find your route and use your smart phone to find you way? For those of you who use Citi Bike service in New York, there is now a new nice app. Many public transit apps are available for you to install in your smart phone.

But then, looking at your smart phone while negotiating at every turn could be a problem. This new app, built by R/GA Prototype Studio has been designed to help riders navigate through the streets of New York without taking out their smart phones every time from their pockets.

The ‘NYCycle’ Google Glass app, which incorporates Citi Bike’s real time data, marks a seamless integration between wearable tech and bike sharing.


The benefits of hands-free aspect of Google Glass are used here to navigate the riders along the city. The app provides a very good convenience for those who are using Citi Bike service.

The app is especially helpful to the tourists. It provides information about restaurants and sightseeing landmarks.

The app also comes with a timer that gives you information about the free time which is left for you on the bike.

It helps you to find the nearest station too. The developers expect that the new app will make the service more popular among city riders.

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