BluFit Knows When You Need to Grab a Water Bottle

October 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In this busy world, some of us don’t even find time to drink a glass of water to stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated means your body isn’t working properly, as there are chances of decreased metabolism and brain activity.

In case you didn’t know, every cell in your body struggles to survive when you are dehydrated.

No worries, though! For, here comes a smart invention , if you are a person who finds time scarce to grab a bottle of water. We are talking of a new water bottle that has been designed specially to calculate the amount of water your body requires each day.


What’s amazing is the fact that the water bottle will link up with your smart phone to keep you hydrated properly.

Called the BluFit water bottle , the new product lets you connect wirelessly to your smart phone in conjunction with an app installed in your device.

The app collects a variety of details about your body, such as weight, height, age, temperature and humidity, to determine how much water your body requires to fulfill the requirements essential for smooth metabolism.

The smart water bottle also records the time and amount of water you consumed. The data collected by the water bottle will be transferred to your phone.

The sensor packed water bottle connects to our smart phone via Bluetooth connectivity. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android OS.

By keeping the information recorded, the smart water bottle can be able to determine whether you are drinking enough water required to meet your body needs. The app also shows the current hydration level of the user.

The device has customizable sounds and lights to alert the user when he falls behind the hydration level his body requires. This smart water bottle can also be programmed to help a user achieve specific goals and can be customized when the user is in some physical training or in some specific medical condition.

blufit phone

The bottle is made of glass and features a rubber sleeve for protection and providing good grip. The bottle is dishwasher safe also. All hardware, including sensors and battery, is built into the top lid of the water bottle.

The battery can be charged via a USB port provided on the exterior of the cap. The developer claims that the battery has life up to ten days.

A user configurable button present on the top of the cap can be able to count laps and track reps.

The BluFit campaign launched on Indiegogo some time ago, and the makers are looking to raise $150,000 to make this smart ever device a reality. By donating $49 you will get a smart water bottle.

Once you donate $59, you will get a BluFit water bottle plus a blue or black color sleeve. The campaign offers free shipping in the US. If the campaign ends on a positive note, we need to expect the BluFit smart water bottle in 2014 March.

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