Samsung Curved Display Smart Phone This Month

October 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung, no doubt, rules the Android market. With new smart phone models and updates at regular intervals, the company makes sure it stays in the headlines all the time.

A real threat to rivals like HTC and Nokia, Samsung is now waiting to bring in something amazing. The company is reportedly testing curved displays. Aiming at maintaining the lead in the smart phone market, the curved display devices could help it go the extra mile.

D.J.Lee, the head of the mobile marketing of the company, has been quoted as saying that Sammy will soon introduce a smart phone with a curved display – this month, to be precise.


If you would remember, this January, the company had revealed prototypes of the flexible screen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Lee continued saying that most probably the model would come exclusively for release in South Korea.

Curved displays are reportedly offering an improved viewing experience. Companies like Samsung and LG have already built television set with curved displays.

The curved design is also aesthetically suitable for you to handle. Samsung has already released a teaser video showing a smart phone with bendable screen.

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