Apple iPhone 5S Camera: If Haven’t You Tried it Out, Do it Now!

September 30, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One of the most spoken about devices in recent times is Apple’s flagship smart phone, the iPhone 5S.

The smart phone, as you know, comes with a handful of amazing features. The latest 64 bit processor and fingerprint technology are included in the device.

One of the most important features which we have to take a look is the advancement made in the camera department. The company has in fact put a major focus on camera in its latest device.


Many smart phone manufacturers are now looking to tackle the camera problem. Every company wants its smart phone’s camera to be better than the others. The competition among smart phone makers started after they all realized the fact that a majority of the people love their smart phones for their photography abilities.

When we compare clicks with a professional camera and a mobile phone, shooting pictures using a professional camera could turn out to be difficult for a casual photographer, most often that is.

So many people like to go with the easy way, and that is taking snaps with their smart phones when they are on the go. The iSight technology used by Apple in its new flagship device helps you take good quality photographs even in low light conditions. The camera in the device captures beautiful images at 8 megapixels.

The iPhone 5S also features a 5 element lens. The state of the art sensor in the camera increases the area available for pixels by 15 percent. The lens has an f2.2 aperture, which is a ¼ stop improvement over the iPhone 5’s f2.4 aperture.

This adds to the iPhone’s low light abilities. The company also opted for a highly intuitive flash that works with the camera to create a good image.

Apple has also developed its own ISP (image signal processor) for improving the quality of photographs. The ISP works to improve white balance and auto exposure. The camera also features 33 percent increase in light sensitivity.

The dual LED flash in the iPhone 5S is not made for providing more light, but it is meant for providing light of a more accurate color. This flash provides better quality photographs in indoor conditions and artificial light, which is a great advantage for iPhone 5S over its rivals.


The stabilization system of the camera is also interesting. The flash of this device stays for a full second before the camera focuses on the object. This results in awesome quality photographs.

From the above mentioned facts, it is clear that a bunch of hardware as well as software improvements are made in the flagship model by Apple.

The image signal processor makes the iPhone 5S camera a much better companion for casual photographers than its rivals in the Moto X  or HTC One. This camera gives potentially higher quality snaps even in dark.

Have you clicked your pictures with the iPhone 5 S? Tell us your views.

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