Your Old CD Collection Can Help Purify Water

September 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you confused as to what to do with your old CD collection? If you would really want to recycle it for some useful purpose, here is a chance. Research from a group of scientists in Taiwan has found a new method for using old optical storage discs like CDs for treating sewage water.

The researchers from National Taiwan University found that you can use old CDs to grow minuscule nanorods of zinc oxide. This chemical has the ability to break down organic pollutants in sewage water.

The research team developed a prototype of such a sewage treatment device, of approximately 1 cubic foot in size. The optical discs are made spinning in the sewage water, which makes a thin layer of sewage water in which light can pass through it. This excites nanorods and purifies water.

cds sewage

The prototype device includes an ultra violet light source to catalyze the sewage treatment process and a recirculation system to recirculate the water once processed again to the device for treating it many times.

According to the researchers, the prototype device has proven capable of purifying 95 percent of pollutants in a 500ml solution of dye in an hour. They also claimed that the device can treat up to 150 ml of waste water every minute.

Din Ping Tsai, a scientist in the National Taiwan University, has been quoted as saying that the newly developed device  is capable of purifying water more effectively than any other photo catalytic method used for treating sewage water at present.

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