YouTube Comments to Mirror G+ Design; to Keep Users Happy

September 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Heard about the new YouTube comments section that Google is lining up? If you haven’t as yet, you will now. The search giant is renovating the comment section of their video streaming site, and the move is said to be aiming at making it more interesting for users.

At present, YouTube comments are shown in such a way that the most recent ones are placed on top of the list. That makes the user scroll down to read multiple threads to analyze what is going on.

With the remodeling of the comments section, the user will be able to see the comments more relevant to him on the top of the list. These could be comments from people he might know or he may interact with.


At present, the comment platform in the site has issues; due to the fact that it is not developing genuine conversations about a video with somebody follow your commentary online.

The world’s most popular video streaming website wants to provide the best feedback for their users in all senses, and so they decided to improve the platform.  The new system basically works like commenting on Google+.

This makes the user able to control who all are viewing his comments. The new comment platform also enables the user to specify which of his social circles can see a conversation thread.

After introduction of the new commenting system, the user will have to own a Google+ account for commenting on YouTube. Officials have stated that the new commenting system will roll out this week itself.

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