Apple iPad 5: What to Expect

September 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For the past few months, the hot topic of discussion was on the impending release of the new iPhones from Apple. The launch has happened, and everyone is busy analyzing them.

The time has come to think of the next from Apple. Most probably, it will be a new iPad. According to what we hear, the 5th generation iPad will be the next big thing to hit the market this fall.

Most likely, the upcoming fifth generation iPad from Apple will be unveiled by mid-October. Earlier, Apple released their fourth generation iPad in 2012 October. The device was a hit last winter.


Last month, Bloomberg had reported that a thinner full sized iPad will be released by Apple during the last quarter of the year. Many other tech sources also reported that the new iPad will be revealed at a separate event after the ‘hot’ September 10 event.

Officially, we have zero information regarding the new product. But many rumors have been pointing out that the new device will be revealed at an October 15 event.

A flurry of confusing rumors has been spreading through the internet about the device over the past few days.

According to the available pictures, the new generation device will be similar in looks to the current design of the iPad mini. The case shown in the post is narrower than its predecessor, iPad 4.

The device has thinner bezels with more rounded edges. The new device is reportedly 15 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter than its predecessor, iPad 4. The design is changed to improve handling, since many users criticized that iPad 4 feels not comfortable to handle due to its sharp edges and body corpulence. The new look tends to be much better than iPad 4.

The company is reportedly testing larger screen sizes too. But, from what we hear, the new version of the iPad won’t have a larger screen than 9.7 inches. Reports claim that the pricing of the device won’t be very high, that means iPad 5 will start at around $499.

Some rumors show the possibility of an iPad mini from the company this winter. Some tech sources believe that an iPad mini with retina display will be unveiled by the company in the first half of next year.

Some expectations about the upcoming iPad read as follows. Everybody is expecting an upgraded A7X processor. The device will come with a larger resolution display. We can expect a fingerprint scannertoo. The company might improve the camera of the device to satisfy casual photographers who like to take snaps using their iPad.

The main difficulty manufacturers are facing when they reduce the thickness of their tablets is the battery life. If we go for a thinner device, it will be difficult for the maker to fit a high capacity battery inside it.

So we need not expect a battery with improved battery life for the upcoming device. We can wait for a month more to see whether our expectations will become true.

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