Project Mighty Digital Pen and Napoleon Ruler Herald Adobe Hardware Foray

September 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe seems to be following the lead of Google and Microsoft, and is said to be ready with their first ever hardware product.

If all goes well, the foray of the creative software company into hardware market is expected to happen in the next year.

The company has announced two hardware products – its Project Mighty cloud-connected pen and Project Napoleon digital ruler. Both products are expected to hit the market during the first half of 2014.


The digital stylus, named Project Mighty and the Napoleon ruler were first introduced by Adobe at the Adobe Max Conference in May. The company had inked an agreement with Adonit, the makers of the Jot tablet stylus , for manufacturing the new hardware.

After their first introduction, the company made some design revisions to improve the design and performance.

The pressure sensitive stylus is Bluetooth enabled. The pressure sensitive nature of the new product gives the user the choice to draw lines of varying widths on a screen. The device can be used with iPad and Adobe’s creative cloud. This makes the user able to work on his drawings on multiple devices.

The Project Mighty pen has a variable color LED indicator light opposite to its drawing tip. This light alerts the user by giving information about the status of the device like battery charge level and Bluetooth connection. The LED light is surrounded by USB connector for connecting the charging cable.

The Bluetooth link of the Mighty pen is made to communicate the information such as how much pressure the user is exerting on the pen, to the connected device. The special Adobe software, which will be available with the hardware will allow the device to perform to its full potential.

The digital drawing tool is mainly aimed at those in the design industry who are waiting for a good companion for their tablets and smart phones so as to work on the go.


In the meantime, Project Napoleon aims at professionals such as architects. The device is a digital ruler that can be used to draw accurate lines and edges for architectural projects. This companion device which is designed to use with the Mighty pen is also Bluetooth enabled.

Adobe’s Vice President of Experience Design Michael Gough has been quoted as saying about the new hardware that the Mighty pen is precise and responsive. He added saying that Adobe is looking to manufacture only a minimum number of the gadgets for the time being. So that could also mean that the major focus would continue to be on software.

We don’t have any information regarding the pricing of the two new products. The company hasn’t discloses the details of the probable apps that would be made available alongside Mighty and Napoleon. Well, let’s wait.

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